Loss Control 360 (LC360) is a premier application for insurance carriers and inspection companies. LC360 can transform the way insurance carriers and inspection companies do business by decreasing costs, while increasing efficiency and revenue. A platform like this doesn’t just happen overnight! We’ve spent years developing it and perfecting it. Using feedback from our clients and knowing the insurance and inspection industries, we’ve developed a platform that is best in class.

We are constantly working to further develop and perfect the product we deliver so LC360 is only going to get better!

Meet the Team Behind LC360

LC360 is a product of Utilant, LLC. Utilant is a global software company with headquarters in Buffalo, NY. Utilant specializes in creating cutting edge software applications for the insurance and real estate industry. While the company itself has the technical chops of a big West Coast tech company, after working with them you’ll quickly learn that they provide customer service like a small business.

To learn more about Utilant, visit their corporate site at www.utilant.com.