Insurance Carriers

Loss Control 360 (LC360) is a software platform that is used both domestically and internationally by insurance carriers of all sizes. LC360 will help you manage your staff and vendors with a highly configurable workflow that adapts to your business’s needs. With LC360 you can:

  • Improve your workflow and data collection process
  • Analyze the data you collect more efficiently
  • Mitigate risk timely and effectively

We Work With You

We Work With You

We collaborate with companies of all sizes. Because of this, we understand that no two companies do business the same way.

When you chose LC360 you get a team of talented support staff devoted to making your transition go smoothly. We will learn more about how your company operates and where we can help streamline your workflow. Once we know more about you, we can configure LC360 to work the way you do.

The End Result

When all is said and done, LC360 will take you from a cumbersome, manual process to an efficient and streamlined loss control management system. You’ll also have:

  • An administrator configurable interface
  • Industry standard integrations
  • Enhanced data mining capabilities
  • Secure hosting options
  • Cross-platform access including web and mobile applications
  • Enhanced searching and reporting features

It’s Time For Loss Control 360

Many clients come to us when they are struggling with outdated in-house built systems that are not meeting the challenges of today’s business environment. Replacing a legacy system that doesn’t have mobile apps, integrations, recommendation tracking, or efficient risk scoring can improve your company on many levels.

Companies often put off replacing a legacy system due to time, cost and lack of resources. That’s where we come in. We have the framework in place to make your transition to Loss Control 360 efficient and painless. Click here to learn more about our implementation process or if you’re ready for a demo, let’s schedule a time to talk!