AI Photo/Video Identification

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enable Utilant to analyze its constantly expanding dataset of over 200 million photos and to understand live video scenes in commercial and residential settings to automatically apply labels, identify common hazards, extract text and suggest recommendations.

Benefit from Automatic Property Insights


Identify Hazards Often Missed

Increase identification accuracy and spot commonly miss-identified hazards in the field.


Trigger Automatic Events

Trigger automatic risk scoring and recommendation injection upon identification.


Increase Efficiency

Save up to 3 minutes per survey, eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Decrease Overhead

Less time equals fewer costs. Free up your team to focus on more important tasks.


Pre-Integrated with LC360

A.I. Photo Identification comes pre-integrated with your installation of Loss Control 360.

Photo/Video Identification & Labeling

Identify and label hazards in photo and video content with a high degree of accuracy for both commercial and residential settings. Clients can expect prediction accuracies of over 95% backed by years of industry-specific data.

Risk Alerts & Recommendation Injection

Trigger automatic risk alerts and recommendation injection on both photos and dynamic video input. Increase the value of platform data along with data from alternate sources including Self-Survey, Guide Stream 360, and more.

Label Reading & Text Extraction

Extract text from labels using optical character recognition to identify serial numbers, manufacture dates, and more. This information can be used to cross-reference recall equipment list databases and automatically generate recommendations.

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