A.I. Photo Identification

Machine learning allows Utilant’s Loss Control 360 to analyze its constantly expanding dataset of over 200 million photos. In return LC360 is able to automatically identify items within any given photo, improving underwriting and adding value for LC360 users

Intelligently label photos in LC360 with advanced A.I.


Identify Hazards Often Missed

Increase identification accuracy by spotting commonly miss identified hazards in the field.


Increase Efficiency

Save up to 3 minutes per survey, eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Decrease Overhead

Less time equals fewer costs. Free up your team to focus on more important tasks.


Automatic Event Triggers

Trigger automatic risk scoring and recommendation injection upon identification.


Pre-Integrated with LC360

A.I. Photo Identification comes pre-integrated with your installation of Loss Control 360.

How it all Works!

Data scientists at Utilant have trained A.I. models on hundreds of thousands of photos taken from a variety of inspection scenarios, including both commercial and residential settings. The result of these models is the ability to identify hazards with a high degree of accuracy. Clients can expect prediction accuracies of over 95% for some items, including electrical panels, A/C compressors, plumbing systems, swimming pools, and more! With LC360, an expanding data set, and involved client base, this model will significantly improve over time!

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