Client Location Manager

This module allows your loss control team to manage large accounts, with multiple locations, through a single interface. Users are presented with high level summaries of each location that open up into larger sets of data. Create service plans, schedule recurring surveys, view all account recommendations and more!

Manage multiple clients & locations in a single interface!


Track Coverages

Assign commercial coverages with effective dates to both your clients and their individual locations.


Schedule Site Visits

Automate the process of ordering cyclical surveys for the locations on your accounts.


Track Recommendations

Ensure that critical hazards don’t go unmissed causing major losses for your organization.

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Creative Service Plans

Manage locations, recommendations, to-do’s, correspondences, attachments, commercial coverages, and more!


Utilize Interactive Widgets

Set up and coordinate service plans with multiple milestones on each location.

View activities across all levels

Stay focused on the data that is important to you with an account-centric interface that displays loss control activities across all clients and their respective insured locations. Loss Control 360’s Client Location Manager makes locating the information you need and keeping organized simple with its hierarchical approach to data management. Clients, locations, and their associated surveys are displayed in a top down fashion, with each level opening up into individual dashboards populated with rich data sets and customizable widgets.

Create service plans with ease

Create service plans and track their progress through the Client and Location Manager’s Service Cycle widget. Utilize a dedicated dashboard for each service plan with the ability to:

  • Track service visits
  • Complete milestones
  • Budget
  • Make Quality Notes
  • Service level correspondence

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