Utilant’s Loss Control 360 is the “best-in-class” Loss Control Survey Management Platform for Global P&C and top risk engineering companies, establishing a hub connecting insurance core systems, inspection firms, and InsurTechs to provide automation to identify, manage and reduce risks.

The Loss Control 360 Ecosystem

The Loss Control 360 platform creates an integrated ecosystem between the system users, workflow contributors, and third-party tools for a comprehensive flow of resources and data to reduce losses and improve performance for all involved.

Loss Control 360’s robust ecosystem of carriers, vendors and MGA’s alleviates the need for costly platform integrations. This network extends globally, with international support for multiple languages and currencies.

Forward-thinking organizations choose Loss Control 360 as the hub connecting insurance carrier core systems, inspection firms, and InsurTech companies with supporting technologies, providing enhanced capabilities to automate, identify, manage, and reduce risks.

Loss Control 360 Ecosystem

Carrier to Vendor Integration

Integration between LC360’s Carriers and Vendors allow survey requests to automatically flow to the assigned vendor and then back to the carrier upon completion.

  • Largest network of pre-integrated vendors
  • Quick integration between carrier and vendor partners
  • Easy assignment and faster turnaround times
  • No additional programming or IT resources required
  • Consistent data collection and report outputs
  • Eliminates double-data entry by vendor parties
  • Status updates shared between parties

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