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LC360 for Large Risk Engineering

Target your Normal Loss Expectancy (NLE) and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) scenarios using a suite of tools built for Large Risk assessments.

LC360 Large Risk Engineering Dashboard

Some of Our Large Risk Engineering Customers

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The All-in-One Risk Engineering Loss Control Solution

In addition to our Core Platform, LC360 has industry leading features and integrations designed specifically for Large Risk Engineering.

Client Location Manager

Allow your loss control team to manage large commercial lines accounts, with multiple locations, through a single interface.

Recommendation Tracking

Create, track and follow up on recommendations to ensure compliance and reduce loss.

Industry Benchmarking

Apply a custom scoring system to your form answers and compare each risk against industry standard benchmarks for each occupancy. 

Client Portal

Engage clients with a configurable portal that provides real time information and account updates.

Impairment Tracking

Protect yourself and your clients from potentially catastrophic losses resulting from equipment breakdowns and systems.

Service Cycles

Create service plans, set budgets, complete milestones and track service visits as part of a high touch business model.

3rd Party Tools

Take advantage of a robust suite of integrated applications including Aerial Imagery, HazardHub and much more!

Output Customization

Deliver custom reports and rec letters to your clients at the click of a button providing high level of stewardship.

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