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Save Time And Money With Loss Control 360’s Generic Importer

Give your team the ability to dynamically order multiple surveys all at the same time! Leverage a convenient import process alongside a variety of different features that speed up your ordering workflow and reduce the need for costly maintenance.

Generic Importer Bulk Upload
Generic Importer Transaction Fee


Bulk Case Import Icon

Bulk Importer

Order multiple surveys at a time saving your team time and money.

Excel Template Icon

Excel Template

Build, upload and order cases in just a few clicks with an easy to use template built in Excel.

Quick Access

Order right within Loss Control 360 through the Generic Importer’s unique landing page.


Any Data Point

Populate your templates with virtually any data point for capture on import.

Multiple Inspection Types IconMultiple Inspection Types

Enter in the unique Inspection Type identifier, and we will order the associated survey type.

Error Loggin IconError Logging

Prevent invalid data entry to surveys and view failed survey imports on a dedicated log page.



Dynamically Order Multiple Inspections at the Same

Time With Loss Control 360’s Generic Importer!

Request a copy of the LC360 Generic Importer Guide

Or Request a Demo today: Click here


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