Loss Control 360’s Impairments Module Can Help Protect You And Your Clients

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What is Impairment Tracking?

Loss Control 360’s Impairments module allows facility managers to report down time on key systems, giving the carrier the insight and transparency needed to provide guidance and loss control safety measures.


Customize your Impairment data collection options!

The impairments module can be set up around your organization’s unique needs.
Pre-define impairment details for the user to choose from and automatically deliver relevant documentation.

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Impairment Types

Key systems that are subject to scheduled or unforeseen downtime.

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Impairment Reasons

Documented flags for the cause of scheduled or unforeseen system downtime.

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Impairment Status’s

The stage at which the impairment falls in the workflow.

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Suggested Materials

Safety guides delivered to facility manager based on the area and measure of impairment.

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Impairment Areas

Areas or items on premises that are affected by the impairment.

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Safety Measures

Actions being taken to minimize the chances of loss during the impaired period.

The Workflow of an Impairment


Impairment Created

Materials Suggested

Impairment Created

Impairments are created through Client Portal or the new ‘Impairments Only’ interface. When creating an impairment users define;

  • Client & Location Affected
  • Name & Description
  • Start & Completion Times
  • Contact Info
  • Attachments
Materials Suggested

Based on the user defined impairment details, the facility manager will be automatically presented with a suite of recommended documentation designed to assist in preventing loss due to the impairment.

Carrier Response

Impairment Updates

 Carrier Response (CLM)

Loss Control 360 users will receive notice of the impairment in the Client Location Manager, allowing them to respond with additional guidance and suggestions on how to manage risk during downtime. Users will also be able to update the status of the impairment as well as attach files.

 Impairment Updates

Facility managers have access to high level overviews of their impairments where they may request additional guidance, update the impairment status, and maintain transparency with their account managers until the impairment is marked as closed and the key system is back online.




Track and manage impairment
across all insured locations!

Request a copy of the LC360 Impairments Guide

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