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Loss Control 360’s Offline Mobile Technology

Collect data and photos efficiently in the field


  • Native Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Easy access to full queue of loss control surveys
  • Take surveys “offline” one at a time or in bulk
  • Powerful tools for quick data collection:
    • Web Forms
    • Recommendations
    • Take photos
    • Scratchpad
    • Voice Recordings
    • Diagramming
  • Sync to Web Application when Wi-Fi becomes available
Mobile Tablets

Streamline Your Process for a Quick Turnaround

Mobile Workflow
Work Online & Offline with ease: Leverage both Web and Tablet Functionality for Efficient Data Collection!

Easily Access All Currently Assigned Work

Grid will automatically use your Risk Consultant user role and display all currently assigned work

Sort by various criteria such as survey number, last name, received date, and more!

Easily download individual or multiple surveys quickly

Select surveys to see location on a map and proximity to your current location

Mobile Oflline

Take Surveys Offline

  • Select surveys from main grid, tap “Download” to take surveys offline
  • Download option also available from within an opened survey
  • Within seconds you’ll have everything you need including:
    • Default and optional forms
    • Recommendation Library
    • Any photos or data already entered into the survey

Empower your field staff with our fully featured mobile app!

Mobile Grid
Mobile Forms
Mobile Recommendations
Easily access all assigned work
Use efficient data collection forms
Add recommendations instantly
Mobile Rapidsketch
Mobile Photos
Mobile Notes
Create diagrams with RapidSketch
Take, manage, and attach photos
Record audio, write out notes, and make sketches

Reduce Losses, Improve Performance

Schedule a demo today!

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