Premium Audit

Loss Control 360’s Premium Audit module enables users to verify premiums with an easy to use interface that leverages industry-standard exposures for admitted coverages.

Verify premiums with an easy to use interface!


Intuitive Process

Intuitive and step-by-step workflow with easy to follow sections that auto-save upon completion.



Customizable feature-set allows Premium Audit to fit your business model.


Report Summaries

Report summaries provide Underwriters with up-to-date and verified coverage information.

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Upload templates to eliminate the need for manual entry of large data sets


Industry Stand Exposures

Premium Audit leverages industry standard NCCI Exposures for admitted coverages.

Customized to your Business Model

Premium Audit uses industry standard tools which can be customized in a number of ways to support your business.

  • Determine Balance Classes
  • Define Custom Exposure Rules
  • Input Relevant Claims for Reference
  • Localize Interface Terminology
  • Configure Client for Web Meetings
  • Create Standard Narrative Templates

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