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LC360 for Premium Audit

Verify premiums and stay profitable in this competitive segment using a suite of tools built for Premium Audit assessments.

LC360 Premium Audit Dashboard

The All-in-One Premium Audit Loss Control Solution

In addition to our Core Platform, LC360 has industry leading features and integrations designed specifically for Premium Audit workflows.

Dedicated Module

Verify premiums with this step-by-step module, leveraging industry standard exposures for admitted coverages.

Detailed Report Summaries

Gain a detailed breakdown of audit information including calculated exposures, exployee informations, payroll verification, claims and more.

Industry Standard Exposures

Calculate state-by-state premiums using standard NCCI exposures or design your own set of rules.

Client Location Manager

Allow your loss control team to manage policies with multiple locations through a single interface.

Output Customization

Deliver custom reports and rec letters to your underwriters at the click of a button reducing costs and improving turnover time.


Self-Survey is an easy-to-use module that enables sending simplified survey requests directly to agents and policyholders on qualified risks.

Upload Templates

Ability to upload templates to eliminate the need for manual entry of large data sets.

Client Portal

Engage clients with a configurable portal that provides real time information and account updates.

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