RapidSketch’s Pre-Integration With LC360 Can Expand Your Diagramming Capabilities

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Drop the pencil and graph paper and take your team’s ability to draw floor plans to the next level. Sketch directly within Utilant’s Loss Control 360 and automatically attach your finished floor plans to an inspection. Calculate square footage, document external exposures, and plot internal features

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Detailed Area Breakdowns

Plot important floor plan features using an extensive library of icons, labels and more.

Pre-Integrated with LC360

Create and attach detailed floor plans to any inspection within LC360 without a timely setup.

Auto Complete

Speed up your diagramming with automatically completed measurements and calculations.

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User Friendly Interface

Create robust floor plans on both desktop or mobile, each with their own intuitive interface.


Upload and reference aerial imagery or blueprints to instantly calculate accurate measurements.

Desktop & Mobile

Enable field staff to draw more accurate floor plans right on site or from their desktop without the need for a pen and paper.

Mobilize Your Field Force

RapidSketch may be attached as a form to any existing inspection within Loss Control 360 and opened on any device. This gives your field staff the ability to create sketches during their site visits. After an inspection is completed, pass key fields and the diagram back into LC360 and into your underwriting reports!

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