Risk Insights

Loss Control 360’s Risk Insights module enables users to analyze their book of business to receive automatic survey-type suggestions based on user-defined rules and available third-party data. This empowers users to survey a larger portion of their business and make more informed decisions when allocating resources.


Review More Risks

Survey a larger portion of your book of business using a broad range of survey types.


Automatically Suggest Survey Types

Allocate the necessary resources to a risk as per its unique risk profile.


Save Money

Collect more data without sending field staff on-site to every risk.

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Save time

Automate survey type decision making and ordering with pre-configured rules.

Automatically apply the right survey type

Identify high, medium, and low risk policies to apply the most appropriate survey type for a risk.

Desktop Survey

A survey populated with available 3rd party and prior system data painting a thorough picture of the property fit for low-level risks.

Low-Medium Risk Policies


A survey sent to and performed by the policyholder with an intuitive step-by-step interface fit for low to medium level risks.

Low-Medium Risk Policies

Video Guided

A mentor-guided video survey with our platform ‘Guide Stream 360’ that is fit for medium to high-level risks.

Medium-High Risk Policies


An in-person survey capable of utilizing Loss Control 360’s full toolset fit for medium to high-level risks.

High-Risk Policies

Applying Risk Insights to Your Book of Business

The Risk Insights module recommends the most efficient survey method(s) based on a tiered risk profile. A risk profile is created based on an analysis of available data which may include prior survey data and integrated third-party data providers. User-configurable rules determine the appropriate type of survey to be ordered based on the unique characteristics and risk profile applied to the risk. Any combination of survey methodologies can be leveraged within Loss Control 360 including Virtual/Data-Only, Selfsurvey, Remote Video-Guided, and various on-site survey types.

Pick Locations

Choose a group of locations to run through the Risk Insights module.


Run the Module

Prior report and 3rd party data are analyzed for suggestions.

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Apply Survey Strategies

Apply or edit recommended survey types on your selection of surveys.

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