Tableau Reporting

Create custom visualizations and interact with your LC360 data in real-time. Tableau provides an easy to use interface allowing your staff to create reports on large sets of data.

Data visualization at its finest with Tableau!


Report Builder

Build beautiful representations of your data with Tableau’s robust drag and drop report builder.


Better Decisions

Empower your team to make more informed decisions with superior reports.


Data Segmentation

Filter and segment data sets on the fly providing you with the information you need.


Pre-integrated with LC360

Get started building reports immediately without the hassle of setup.


User Roles

Control access to reports down to the individual user.

Drag and drop report builder

Tableau harnesses people’s natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly, revealing relevant statistics about your large data sets. With Utilant’s Loss Control 360’s Integration of Tableau, you can leave chart builders behind while fueling unlimited data exploration via live visual analytics.

With Tableau’s user-friendly design you can start displaying and analyzing your data easily. Choose from myriad different graphical representations of your data that can be segmented and dove into with no additional programming or design. Contact us today for more information!

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