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Whether you are a current Loss Control 360 customer, or a new prospect checking us out,

unlock the future of your Loss Control 360 platform by exploring these topics: 

Utilant’s InsurTech Vision

Maximize Your Survey
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Leverage a Loss Control
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Loss Control 360’s
Delivered Roadmap

Features Coming to
Loss Control 360

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The Unlocked series shares critical insights in a format that is easy to access and replay on-demand. Our experts are here to help you unlock Loss Control 360’s platform capabilities and get the most out of your investment. 

Who Should Watch?

Who Should Watch?

Utilant is committed to educating platform users, continually sharing new features and best practices for Loss Control 360.
No matter your role or skill level,
the Unlocked webcast series will help ensure success on your LC360 journey.  

The Future of Technology in Underwriting & Loss Control for Insurance Carriers 

Utilant’s executive leaders discuss InsurTech’s continued impact on Underwriting and Loss Control. Dive into Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Data Science, focusing on how they can be used in the loss control industry, and what features Utilant is bringing to the Loss Control 360 product. Utilant’s fully integrated product suite has created an ecosystem of connected intelligence, leveraging data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for predictive tiered risk modeling and workflow assignment. The use of predictive modeling combined with Virtual and Self Survey tools to enhance the existing data pool, allows loss control personnel to choose the appropriate survey strategy – data only, self-survey, guided survey, or onsite survey – while leveraging all existing workflow and features of the LC360 platform. Companies can customize their loss control workflow with agility in assigning the most appropriate survey type paired with the most knowledgeable loss control personnel, helping to move the industry toward enacting risk-based, rather than time-based, underwriting and surveys. 

Product Strategy & Roadmap

Hear how Utilant is continuing to refine our product strategy and roadmap. We look back over the past 18 months of Product Roadmap successes, reviewing what has been added to Loss Control 360 including core features, modules, and third-party integrations. We then cover the forward-looking strategy and roadmap of Utilant’s plans, including a sneak peek at a few new features in development.

Taking Product Releases

Unlock your Loss Control 360 platform experience by learning how to plan for taking product releases and best practices to follow for the release process. We discuss how to determine new modules for adoption, how to use API technology, and how best to roll out releases to users.  

Customer Experience

Utilant’s Customer Experience Team highlights all the resources available to make our customers successful, including the benefits of our platform subscription model.  Hear about our On-demand Learning platform – LC360 Learning.  Gain an understanding of Utilant’s Professional Services and Technical Support teams, finding out how, when and why to work with them to gain your best customer experience.