Utilant’s Culture Committee features “Grub Club” every Friday!

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Utilant’s Culture committee works to develop programs to help build teamwork and communication across departments.  The Culture Committee’s Goal is to work toward breaking down communication barriers and department silos while fostering collaboration and embracing the long-standing culture of community within Utilant. And to have fun along the way!

As a good tech company would, the committee utilizes our agile methodology for brainstorming, turning what starts as a million stickies into a great idea! Our recent focus has been on maintaining Utilant’s unique culture while working from home.

Culture Committee Planning
Culture Committee Board


Introducing Utilant’s Grub Club

Grub Club is a new program for employees to hang out, play games, and get to know each other better. The group meets every Friday and the Culture Committee hosts an activity for everyone to participate in. Recent games include: “Guess Who”, “Up Close”, Two truths and a Lie”, and “Trivia Time”.  Interested in learning more about these games?  Join Utilant’s team and we will tell you all about them!

Grub Hub participants say the best part about it is that new employees get to interact with people from all over the organization, whom they wouldn’t necessarily get to chat with otherwise.  Veteran employees get to say hello to faces they may not have seen since the beginning of the year.  It’s a nice break in the day from our normal routines and to get us in the weekend spirit.

Grub Club Zoom

Hope to see you there!


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