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Utilant’s Guide Stream 360 allows insurance professionals to request live video consultations with policyholders or other onsite personnel. This will enable the guided collection of underwriting information without the need to physically visit the location. Guide Stream can be used as a standalone product or as a fully integrated part of your implementation of Loss Control 360 (LC360) adding value and flexibility to virtual data collection methods such as self-survey, phone surveys, and third-party data providers. Guide Stream consists of 2 basic roles, the person onsite, represented by the policyholder, agent, or junior risk consultant, and the mentor, represented by an insurance professional.

When a request is made, the person onsite will get an invitation with a link to the session with the ability to join immediately, or for them to specify dates and times when they are available for the Guide Stream session. Guide Stream does not require an app to be installed on Android or Apple devices, allowing the user to click the link inside of their SMS message or email and go directly to a session.

Once the session has started, the person on site will need to verify permissions for video and location services in order to continue, ensuring the accuracy of the photos, video, and form data gathered. The mentor will receive a notification that the onsite personnel has entered the queue and starts the session when ready.

The two parties are now part of a recorded Guide Stream session, where the mentor coaches the person onsite through a virtual walkthrough of the property. During the session, the mentor can perform a variety of actions, including taking pictures, toggling which camera is viewed, and turning the camera on and off. The Mentor is then able to review any photos taken and tag them to highlight information revealed in the photo. The recorded video session, photos, tags, and chats are used to create a full timeline report that is automatically transferred into your instance of LC360.

Guide policyholders and agents virtually through an easy to use and personalized experience while gaining the same critical information you would through a traditional on-site survey.

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