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How is Utilant Impacting Loss Control?


Utilant is shaping the future of Underwriting & Loss Control technology for insurance organizations globally with its ecosystem of InsurTech applications.

It’s our mission to stay a step ahead of emerging technologies that push the boundaries of what’s possible in loss control, providing unrivaled efficiency and insight to our customers.


How is Utilant achieving this goal?

Utilant is focused on integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics into all aspects of loss control. Heavy investments are being made in analyzing and leveraging billions of data points gathered from decades of loss control survey completions which are mined to produce predictive tiered risk modeling by our data science team here at Utilant.

What are Risk Insights and how do they work?

Risk insights are data-driven risk assessments that allow appropriate survey strategies to be applied. This allows us to automatically suggest survey types to our customers such as data only surveys, self-surveys, guided surveys, and onsite surveys.

Our model triggers an intelligent workflow based on criteria such as risk score, loss control, and claims data to transform the basis for underwriting, preventing future loss, and driving deeper insight into the insurance carriers‘ business portfolio.

When you pair this with other A.I. driven technologies that we offer such as our automatic photo identification, the result is true, next level virtualization of surveys.

How does this differentiate us from other InsurTechs?

Risk Insights

This is allowing us to offer an unparalleled ecosystem of constantly evolving applications that work together in driving insights deeper. Risk insights are generated from the world’s largest repository of survey data and collected from a wide range of clientele, further strengthening the accuracy of our systems predictions.

How will this impact Utilant’s customers?

Utilant’s InsurTech minded approach will allow companies to customize their loss control workflow with risk insight to assign the most appropriate survey type and workflow paired with the most knowledgeable loss control personnel, helping to move the industry toward enacting risk-based, rather than cost and time-based, underwriting, and surveys. Customers can benefit from our newly added applications and features such as mentor-guided and self-survey tools which further enhance the existing data pool, particularly on risks loss control personnel would never typically visit.




And that’s just smart business.  Let Utilant’s InsurTech Product Suite lead the way forward for your company.


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