Vendor surveys

The all-in-one loss control solution for Vendor Surveys

Increase efficiency and improve your business turn around times using a suite of tools built specifically for Vendor Surveys.

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Field Management


Field Staff


Quality Assurance




Keep track of your field staff and due dates

Save time and resources managing appointments and work across assigned territory field staff.


Enhance data collection in the field

Adhere to carrier standards with an offline mobile app that enables dynamic forms fills, photos capture, sketching and more.


Easily integrate with your carrier customers

Connect with your carriers with seamless integrations that ensure data flow between applications.


Compile robust report outputs

Generate robust underwriting reports for your customers with our robust report output tool.

Join our network of pre-integrated vendors

Expand your business and join our vendor network directory to work directly with other LC360 empowered organizations.

Vendor Network

Order multiple surveys at a time

Empower your team to dynamically bulk order serveys saving you time and money along the way.

Generic Importer

Expand your product offering

Grow your business with suite of virtual survey types that enhance data collection.

Desktop Survey

A survey populated with available 3rd party and prior system data painting a thorough picture of the property fit for low-level risks.

Low-Medium Risk Policies


A survey sent to and performed by the policyholder with an intuitive step-by-step interface fit for low to medium level risks.

Low-Medium Risk Policies

Video Guided

A mentor-guided video survey with our platform ‘Guide Stream 360’ that is fit for medium to high-level risks.

Medium-High Risk Policies


An in-person survey capable of utilizing Loss Control 360’s full toolset fit for medium to high-level risks.

High-Risk Policies

Integrate with the tools you already use and more

Enhance your worflow by automatically bringing in data from your policy admin system, third party tools and more!

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