AI-driven virtual tools

Enhance your survey workflow with AI-driven virtual tools that enable the automated underwriting of commercial and residential policies.

Virtual Surveys

Empower desktop consultants to make informed decisions with remote data-only surveys. The virtual survey form brings together 3rd party data integrations as well as previous surveys conducted within Loss Control 360 to provide a detailed overview of a property.

e2value icon


Calculate and locate ITV variances from within LC30 using a leading provider of web based replacement cost solutions.

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Gather aerial imagery with extensive coverage directly from within Loss Control 360.

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Explore your environment with ease and unlock opportunities to make more informed decisions.


Collect high-level property records and information including value estimates, square footage, photos and more!

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Track, hedge and price risks with predictive analytics and life cycle risk management.

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Make better decisions with less overhead using Betterview’s property insight and workflow tools.

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Track a wide breadth of information regarding risks and property information.

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Reference statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims information from a leading source of information about P&C insurance risk.


Create a fully interactive 3D model of any property using your smartphone to measure, design, and estimate home improvement projects.

Building Footprint USA

Pull natural catastrophe, geospatial, and property data for a given latitude and longitude or a physical address.


Loss Control 360 will be leveraging the vast amount of information that Zywave has in their miEdge portal to help provide helpful information concerning commercial risks.

Additional survey methods available

Virtual Survey

A survey populated with available 3rd party and prior system data painting a thorough picture of the property fit for low-level risks.

Low-Medium Risk Policies


A survey sent to and performed by the policyholder with an intuitive step-by-step interface fit for low to medium level risks.

Low-Medium Risk Policies

Video Guided

A mentor-guided video survey with our platform ‘Guide Stream 360’ that is fit for medium to high-level risks.

Medium-High Risk Policies


An in-person survey capable of utilizing Loss Control 360’s full toolset fit for medium to high-level risks.

High-Risk Policies

Virtual Underwriting/Ordering

Enable your underwriting team to discover critical survey information, without the need to involve risk consulting, giving them the ability to decide the next best steps on qualified risks.

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LC360’s Emerging Technologies Impacting Loss Control

Discover the newly released AI-driven Virtual Underwriting enhancements to the Loss Control 360 platform. Advanced AI and machine learning are allowing carriers to review more policies in their book of business and take action on survey data in real-time to reduce losses.

Our VP, of Product will walk through how these tools can be applied to survey data, and how to facilitate the pre-underwriting process.

Our most popular integrations

Check out a full list of our most popular 3rd party integrations for virtual data collection available within Loss Control 360 today.

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